Teen Summer Reading is over!

Well that’s it…Teen Summer Reading 2019 is officially over. All the raffle entries have been counted and the results are in…

Congratulations to Cecilia L., the winner of the August raffle!

And also, congratulations to everyone on Team Sun, who made an incredible comeback in the last two weeks of August! The winners will be getting a special display in the library featuring books they read throughout the summer. I’ll post a picture of the display later this week.
These were the final scores:

Team Sun: 210
Team Moon: 122
Team Star: 101

Overall, I received a total of 436 entries this year, which is amazing! As some of you know, this was my first year running the teen summer reading program at this library, and I’m incredibly impressed with your participation. Thanks so much to everyone that participated and came out to programs this summer. And don’t forget that we still have great stuff going on at the library all year round. Check the September programs out below. I hope everyone had a great summer, and I’ll see you in the fall!

Summer Reading Update – August

Me: There are only two weeks left in August.

Everyone reading this right now:

It’s true though. Which means there are only two more weeks to get in your slips for teen summer reading as well! If you haven’t seen the amazing prizes we have for the August raffle, check out the last blog post. Currently, Team Moon is still in the lead, but is only about 10 points ahead of both Team Sun and Star which are tied, so I’m excited to see which team will pull through! The winning team will get a special display in the library featuring books they’ve read throughout the summer.

If you’re still planning on entering the Sci-Fi Short Story Contest, submissions are due by this Friday (the 23rd). You can drop your submission in the summer reading raffle box, or just e-mail them to cdifazio@monroetpl.org.

And last, and most importantly: pizza. We’re celebrating the end of summer with a pizza party for teens, next Tuesday (the 27th) at 6pm. Give us a call at 856-629-1212 ext. 206 to sign up.