February Display


Feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day?  Swipe right on over to the library!

You may remember our post for our May Book DisplayNever Been Kissed May16

Well those rejects are back!!!  Here’s a collection of books that need their shelf-esteem improved.


It’s also Pajama Day at the library…


Today is Pajama Day at the library! Pajamas, jammies, sleepers, PJs, jam-jams whatever you call your sleepwear we bet its cute and comfy! So why not show it off?! We here at the library think one of the best things to do in the winter is get cozy with a good book and nice treat. So, when you come in your jammies to get a book today- we will give you a little treat to enjoy! We can’t wait to see you in your best bedwear. Some of the staff here is in our’s! Stop by!

There’s always something going on at the library!


Neko Atsume Pom Poms

I really wanted to do these as a library craft but I can’t find the time!  We have stuffed animals to taxidermy!

Maybe next month.

Especially since I haven’t checked on my cats in about 3 months.  Do Neko Atsumes die?  Eeeeep!

In case you haven’t signed up here’s the info for Stuffed Animal Taxidermy (or Taxiderpy…) next week.  Call 856-629-1212 x206 or email ssnyder@monroetpl.org ASAP so I can get the materials!


May Display

Since I blatantly stole last month’s Dang Daniel Display from other libraries (via the Teen Librarian Facebook group) I’ve decided to offer up May’s Display idea for the taking!

It bums me out that we scour reviews and some diamonds in the ruff never get checked out.  So I ran a report (we currently use SirsiDynix WorkFlows- PM me if you’d like a step-by-step tutorial I’ve made on how to run reports) on items that had zero circulation stats and came up with a 30 page list!  From here I had a volunteer (shout out to Liliana!) pull these items.  I did a quick search in Amazon to find one-liner reviews (usually the last sentence in the review) from School Library Journal or Kirkus which I found about halfway down the page under the Editorial Reviews.


Never Been Kissed May16

Here’s an example of a book with a short review:


And here’s the whole display:

Let me know if you steal/borrow the idea and how it works out for you.  Feel free to use the signage or make your own.  Please post pictures!