May Display

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and here is the library’s teen display for raising mental health awareness:


The top two shelves are YA Non-Fiction on topics such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, eating disorders, etc.  The bottom shelf are fiction titles that deal with mental health issues.  To the right of the sign there are bookmarks with “Tough Topics” call numbers.  If you are a librarian viewing my blog click on the image to steal/borrow for your library- but check your call numbers to make sure they match.  I stole and remade this from another library and some of our call numbers were slightly different.

Lastly, you may have noticed, whenever I get a chance I put Mosquitoland by David Arnold on display.  Check it out if you’re looking for something “different” to read.  I liked it.

That is all!

April Display

I think I’ve become a troll.

There’s a huge glare because it is still day-time here at the library but all the books either have May or April in the title or author’s name.

I’ve waited just about under a year to use this idea.

Writer’s Prompt

Here is Sam the LibrariHam’s writing from Thursday night’s prompt.

Prompt created/modified by William L.:

Step 1: Open your playlist.
Step 2: Put your playlist on shuffle.
Step 3: Use the first song base what your main character’s personality is like.
Step 4:  Use the second song to base what your main character looks like.
Step 5:  Use the third song to base what your story is going to be about.
Step 6:  Use the fourth song to base what kind of world your character lives in.

Here is a link to the playlist of shuffled songs I got:  Spotify

Tom Petty and the Heartbreaks – Walls
Katy Rose – Overdrive
Magnetic Fields – All My Little Words
Land of Ill Earthquakes – Acres of Fakers

I threw together a little something based on the song titles or lyrics that amused me so I thought I’d share it with the blog here.  Here is what I wrote:

Tom has a heart so big it could crush this town.  He was cherry cola with candy eyes.  Tom was in love with a splendid butterfly- but he could never make them stay.  For, sadly he was in a world of acres and acres of complete fakers.

Feel free to try the prompt out yourself and let me know the results in the comments.  :)
The whole thing is up to your interpretation.

Summer Display Post

School Summer Reading is here… for now.

Middle School:

High School:

The books are going fast so stop by to grab one or put a copy on hold with our online catalog here (you will need your up to date library card):

You can also check out our ebook & eaudio collection for a copy of some of the Summer Reading books as well, learn more about that by clicking: here