All Hallows’ Read

Art by Abigail Larson

It’s almost time for Halloween–easily my favorite holiday of the year–so I want to celebrate by sharing some spooky stories with you all! All Hallows’ Read is a tradition started in 2010 by author Neil Gaiman, with the simple premise of giving someone a scary book for Halloween.

We have plenty of scary books at the library, and you should definitely come check those out. Butttt, there are also tons of great scary stories online too, posted frequently in communities like creepypasta, or Reddit’s r/nosleep group, that you probably won’t find in a book. So this October, I’m going to share my top 13 favorite scary stories from the Internet. I’ll post 3 stories each week, and the last one on Halloween day, so keep checking back!

13. The Brave Ones

12. The Chicken had Gone Bad

11. The Rake

10. Apeirophobia

9. In Event of Nuclear Disaster

8. The M Show Fan Club

7. Plot Holes

6. If you see this, it is very important that you keep reading…

5. She Sold Happiness in Glass Jars

4. My Girlfriend Talks in her Sleep

3. I Answered a Spam Call

2. A Shattered Life

1. Something in the Sea Keeps Leaving Lures to Catch Me

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