My name is Chris. I hijacked this blog from the previous teen librarian, Sam, who is now our library director! There are lots of great resources already on here, and I hope to add some new stuff in the future. This blog will continue to be a platform to promote all the cool stuff happening at our library.

Some of my interests are: video games, game development, hiking, reading, green tea, abstract art, Studio Ghibli movies, and anything spooky.

I love to hear from the teens in our community and I’ll gladly accept any suggestions for books, programs, services, etc.

Thanks for reading!

Why is it called LibrariHAM?

Sam’s origin story is below. I’m keeping the name of course, because it is amazing.

“Mainly because LibrariSAM was just too hard to remember.  Then I found this cute ham cat and I knew it was meant to be.”