Young Adult/Teen November Programs


Summer Display Post

School Summer Reading is here… for now.

Middle School:

High School:

The books are going fast so stop by to grab one or put a copy on hold with our online catalog here (you will need your up to date library card):

You can also check out our ebook & eaudio collection for a copy of some of the Summer Reading books as well, learn more about that by clicking: here

eBooks & eAudios

Do you  have a paper due and you need that one last source but it’s 4AM and the library isn’t open?  Check out our eBook collection with Overdrive.  It’s easy to search and easy to access!

Also, You can crush a lot more reading if you add some audiobooks to your daily commute.  100 books this year?  Easy when you check out Overdrive’s Audio collection.

Not sure how to access Overdrive on your device?  Check out our eBook Blog!

No matter what it is you’re looking for the library has you covered!


April/May Display

Okay… so I got a little lazy and used the same display for two months in a row.  This is not entirely my fault because cutting out these little construction paper things took a while and I was NOT wasting them.

And thus I bring you “Reading On Another Level”:

There’s a deeper theme that probably only I noticed when I put this together:
First row:  Level Up with the various levels are a series, in order.
Second row:  Level Up your mind has all non-fiction books.  The point systems doesn’t mean anything.
Third row:  Bonus Round is just covers I found interesting or books I wanted to read or have read.  It’s just random.

Feel free to steal or tweak.  Just tag me if you do!